Veronica Weatherbie


Veronica Weatherbie is an actor and playwright from Nogales, AZ.  Possessing a passion for Mexican American Studies and Theater, she has found the perfect home for creative work in the pursuit social change as a part of the Borderlands Familia.  Veronica’s work with Borderlands Theater started in early 2020, as a Productions Assistant on the Barrio Stories Project for her hometown, where she was able to connect even deeper to her roots as she grew with the project. 

She continued through 2020 with Producing Digital Content on projects like Mask Alive! and the Lunada Virtual Literary Lounge and Veronica has since become a core ensemble member at Borderlands.   In 2021 she worked as a lead artist, ethnographer, and playwright on West Side Stories, in Tucson, AZ.

Outside of theater, she is also a commercial, film and tv actor.  In 2021 she worked on numerous film projects out of Phoenix, AZ including a full length feature film to be released in 2022 and a 3-episode pilot produced by Rob Schneider.


(520) 276-9598