Barrio Stories Nogales

Barrio Stories Nogales

by Borderlands Theater Ensemble

Playwright, Milta Ortiz

Project director/shadow puppetry, Marc David Pinate

Media design, Adam Cooper-Terán

Giant puppet maker, Zarco Guerrero

Giant puppet director, Jonathan Heras

Community liaison/on-site producer, Cesar Lopez

April 24-25, 2020

Downtown Nogales

A choose your own adventure site specific theatrical festival re-inhabits downtown Nogales with theatrical installations, large scale projections, music, based on oral histories from long time Ambos Nogales residents, and culminates with a couple alternating fronterizo bands.

The creative team is currently working with Nogalenses to create an authentic fronterizo experience. We’ll keep you posted on project updates.

Barrio Stories is a celebration of the history and heritage of Arizona’s historic Mexican-American neighborhoods. Conceived by Borderlands Theater in 2015, the project is an ongoing site-specific series intended to preserve and reflect the stories, people, and places that made these barrios so vital to the cultural fabric of the Southwest.

Barrio Stories is made possible in part thanks to Southwest Folklife Alliance as partner and sponsor through a grant from ArtPlace America and the Confluence Center Fronteridades project.