About Borderlands Theater

Our Mission

Borderlands theater strives to build equitable, joyful, and meaningful collaborations with the local community through innovative theatre and responsive cultural programs ingrained in the heritage, narratives, and lived experiences of peoples rooted across the Sonoran Desert.

Our Vision

Borderlands Theater is a professional theater company recognized nationally and internationally for the development and production of theater and educational programs that reflect the diverse voices of the U.S./ Mexico border region. Although focusing on the Latino/Chicano/Mexicano voice as the core voice to nurture and support, Borderlands works interactively with all voices of the region. The “border,” both as physical and social landscape, is a metaphor for Borderlands’ work. The metaphor allows, invites and even demands, both a regional and an international understanding of what it represents. Border people, in the best sense of the word, are citizens of the world.

Our History

A Look Back at The Road Behind Us

Over Borderlands’ 31 years of creating theatrical art, we have had the good fortune of collaborating with many artists, community activists and leaders who are historically tied to this unique landscape. Come with us and take a look back at the roads we have traversed.

Together, we will continue to forge a new path through this troubled tierra and work to construct new dialogue to reflect the diverse voices of this region.

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