The Water Project

The Water Project

Thursday December 13th!

Santa Cruz River bed at Garden of Gethsemane

602 W Congress St ( cross street Bonita,) Tucson, AZ 85745

at Sunset (6pm)

READ about The Water Project in the AZ DAILY STAR HERE!!

In the post apocalyptic near future, Tucson has run out of water in its aqueducts. Two scavengers drill through the earth in search of this precious resource.

A devised visceral and thought provoking piece featuring Jonathan Heras and Milta Ortiz. Music by Marc David Pinate, and Feliz Torralba. Video art by Adam Cooper- Terran. Directed by Marc David Pinate, Assistant Director Feliz Torralba.

The Water Project is an exchange between Borderlands Theater and Cleveland Public Theater,  made possible thanks to a  National New Play Network (NNPN) Collaboration Fund grant.

Bring folding chairs, a jacket and comfy shoes! Come experience the adventure!