Art Is Vital Meet Ups

More about Art is Vital Meet Ups

Meet the Artists

Through intimate discussions, actors, writers, digital media designers, musicians, and other Borderlands artists discuss what inspires them, share new work, and explain the process and the impact of their work on communities and themselves.

Theatre Appreciation

Featuring theater experts breaking down the history different theatrical genres Borderlands works in – including forms of popular theatre, community ritual, musical theatre, shadow puppetry, post-dramatic theater, and augmented reality.

Go Behind the Scenes

Sit in on a rehearsal and then get the director’s analysis of the scene, learn how we’re creating hologram projections for our upcoming main stage show, hear from a mental health counselor and the teens they worked with about the mental health play they wrote together.

Break Bread and Meet New People

Every Meet Up is moderated by an artist guide who will facilitate ice breaker activities that allow the group to build trust and know a little about each other’s stories. We believe that food is an essential part of having a good time and building community. So you can count on having delicious food at every Meet Up.

Patsy Lee remembers her family’s Barrio Hollywood store, Alan’s Market, at Westside Stories.

Meet Up FAQs

WHO CAN COME?   Anyone interested in the Meet Up topic is welcome. Youth under 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

WHERE DO MEET UPS HAPPEN? Meet Ups will take place all over Tucson and beyond. Wherever Borderlands is doing its work.

WHEN ARE MEET UPS HAPPENING? We are still putting the schedule together and will have it out soon. But our first one is taking place Saturday, October 21!  

IS THERE A COST? Most Meet Ups are free, but sometimes we charge a nominal fee to cover things like transportation. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

CAN I ATTEND MORE THAN ONE?  Yes!  You can attend as many as you like, as long as you sign up in time.

WHY ARE WE OFFERING MEET UPS? Borderlands Theater strongly believes that art and culture are public goods and that active participation in the arts is vital to mental and physical wellbeing and social cohesion. Art is Vital Meet Ups give community members a deeper understanding of how art and wellbeing are connected. Meet Ups are themselves opportunities to experience joy and connection with others.

Got more questions? Email Meet Ups producer, Marc Pinate at marc@borderlandstheater