Sonoran Strange

Sonoran Strange / Borderlands Fundraiser


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Verbo•bala Spoken Video presents SONORAN STRANGE
Created, Directed, and Performed by
Performing Artists Logan Phillips and Adam 
One Night only Fundraiser! Nov. 19th 2016 at 7pm
at Santa Cruz River Park on the corner of  N. Bonita and W. Congress
Pricing: $15 Tickets in advanced, $20 Tickets at the door
Sonoran Strange is a label, a description, a manner of understanding the Arizona – Mexico borderlands. Sonoran Strange is a book of poems by Logan Dirtyverbs Phillips, and a performance piece by Verbo•bala Spoken Video, created and performed by Adam 
Cooper-Terán and Phillips. 
Sonoran Strange incorporates bilingual spoken word, multiple projections of live video mixing and performance art. After debuting in Tucson in 2013, the piece has been remixed multiple times and has been presented by Dance Mission (San Francisco), the National Hispanic Cultural Center (Albuquerque), the Hopi Cultural Center (Second Mesa, AZ), Arizona State University, and the University of Rostock, Germany. 
What if the Catalina Mountains outside Tucson dreamed of one day jumping the border of horizon, to follow their dreams of becoming thunderheads? What if the Apaches had won? What if the saguaros were sent to boarding school in Pennsylvania? What if the snowbirds don’t come home to roost, if the tumbleweeds decide to settle down? What if sand shoots from the sprinklers? What if the water runs out?

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