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Standing With Saguaros is Looking for Performers

Standing with Saguaros


Standing With Saguaros is Looking for Performers

Dancers and/or actors with some movement agility to participate in a simple, unique “dancehall celebration” to commemorate the saguaro cactus and the National Park Service Centennial. Performers will do simple choreography and some improvisation in “duet” with a saguaro.

Participants should:
·      Enjoy being out in the desert at sunrise
·      Wear formal dress/gown/suit (with hiking boots or sneakers)
·      Be able to do simple choreography
·      Be willing to improvise

Sunrise (5-7am), August 25, 2016 at Saguaro National Park, West

Attend ONE (1) information session/rehearsal at La Pilita (420 S Main Ave.) on:

Sunday, August 21, 10am-12noon
Monday, August 22, 6:30-8:30 pm

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