Mask Alive! Summer 2020

Zarco Guerrero’s:

Mask Alive!

Presented by Borderlands Theater


Followed by special Q&A afterward with Zarco and host, Veronica Conran

Wednesday, July 8th

@ 12 noon on FACEBOOK & YOUTUBE

“The mask, in order to be real, has to be worn.”

Zarco, Mask Alive! 2020

Renowned sculptor, mask maker, and performance artist,  Zarco Guerrero returns telling poignant, culturally and temporally relevant stories through characters based on real people who we all can find familiarity and comfort in. Characters like “Vato Poeta,” “El Narizon,” “La Comadre,” and “The Smoker” address real topics that kids are faced with today. Join us for Parts II and III in the Mask Alive! Series where Zarco takes us inside his studio/gallery to see how his masks are made and meet new characters each performance!

We are thrilled to introduce Veronica Conran as the new host for the series. Veronica hails from Nogales, Arizona, and is our new Digital Content Producer at Borderlands Theater.